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Billy Lamberta

Tensorflow docs & tech writer at Google

As a popular open source project, TensorFlow.org receives many pull requests for our notebook documentation. I care about content—not the file format—and ReviewNB provides a quick way to view notebook diffs so reviewers can focus on the changes that matter.

Sylvain Gugger

Research scientist at fast.ai

Our MOOC and the full documentation of our open-source library is build from notebooks and we have a lot of contributors who help perfect them. ReviewNB has been a lifesaver to help us quickly see diffs and post comments whenever we ask for something to tweak in a specific cell.

Miguel González-Fierro

Data Scientist at Microsoft

In our team at Microsoft, we have been using ReviewNB to review the Jupyter notebooks that we have in our open source repository https://github.com/Microsoft/Recommenders. ReviewNB has helped a lot to be more agile when doing code reviews.

Rohit Singh

Lead developer, ArcGIS API for Python

Esri has been an early adopter of Jupyter Notebooks, with the ArcGIS API for Python’s samples and guides written entirely as notebooks. Tracking notebook changes and reviewing pull requests wasn’t easy until ReviewNB came along. We can now see exactly what’s changed between the different revisions. Posting review comments inline using a WYSIWYG interface is tremendously useful as well.

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Does ReviewNB work with GitHub Enterprise?

  • Yes. Our self hosted installation works with GitHub Enterprise & GitHub.com both

Does ReviewNB work with GitLab or BitBucket?

  • Work in progress. Fill this form if you're interested in GitLab or BitBucket support, we'll notify you when ready.

Do you offer special pricing to educational institutions?

  • Yes! ReviewNB is completely free for teachers & students for educational purposes.

How to subscribe to free educational plan?

  • If your primary email on GitHub has .edu or .ac. domain then free educational plan is already activated on your account
  • If you're a student but don't have university email, write to support@reviewnb.com with an enrolment proof

Which repositories can ReviewNB access?

  • We can only access repositories for which you have enabled ReviewNB on GitHub
  • You can enable/disable individual repository access at any time from GitHub

What GitHub permissions do you need?

  • Read repository contents to fetch notebooks and compute diff
  • Read repository metadata to fetch list of commits and PRs
  • Read-Write access to pull requests to read & write PR comments
  • Read access to email to notify you of new comments on your notebooks

How can I trust ReviewNB with my private repositories?

  • Our app has been verified by GitHub & approved for sell on GitHub marketplace. You can see Verified by GitHub badge on our marketplace listing.
  • ReviewNB does NOT store any repository contents. Notebooks / Diffs  / Commits / PRs, none of these are stored in ReviewNB
  • Anytime you open a diff, we make API calls to GitHub to fetch the data. We process the diff and serve it to your browser in real time

Where do you store review comments?

  • Comments you write on a pull request (PR) are stored with GitHub. You can view comments on the corresponding PR on GitHub
  • Comments you write directly on a notebook file are stored with ReviewNB. It's because GitHub does not offer any way to post comments on a file (GitHub comments are permitted only on commits/PRs)

What about GitHub access token security?

  • GitHub access tokens are stored with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption
  • Every time you logout and login, we generate a new GitHub access token. That way, your tokens are automatically rotated and the old one becomes defunct

I am seeing "Unfortunately, invoiced customers cannot purchase paid plans on the GitHub Marketplace" error?

  • GitHub doesn't support buying marketplace apps for invoiced customers. In such cases, you can buy subscription directly from the vendor (us). Email support@reviewnb.com and we'll setup an account for you.



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